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Operating Philosophy

Post-closing, Lion Equity understands the importance of focusing on employees, customers and vendors to ensure a seamless ownership transition and to position the company for long-term financial and operational success. Below are some of the key philosophies which will govern the post-closing relationship between Lion Equity and a portfolio company:

Stand-Alone Enterprise

Lion Equity is committed to maintaining the unique culture and identity of each acquired company. While we will provide financial and strategic resources to the senior management of the acquired business, each portfolio company is operated as an autonomous, stand-alone entity.

Involvement After Acquisition

Although we typically do not participate in day-to-day operations, Lion Equity is actively involved in strategic planning and major operational and financial decisions. We will also offer assistance in areas such as the identification and pursuit of add-on acquisitions, review of financing relationships and recruitment of additional management personnel, if necessary.

Short and Long-Term Compensation

Lion Equity strongly believes that every employee within a company is important to the overall success of the enterprise. At each portfolio company, we seek to align our objectives with those of management and will establish attractive financial incentives to achieve mutually determined milestones and benchmarks.

Growth through Acquisition

Lion Equity is very active in originating, structuring and executing add-on acquisitions for its portfolio companies. Lion Equity and management will jointly define an acquisition strategy and then work together as a team to consummate the transaction.

Long-Term View

Although Lion Equity’s investment team has experience with all types of exits, we firmly believe that a long-term operating view is essential when acquiring a business. Unlike many traditional private equity firms, Lion Equity has no pre-defined investment horizon.

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