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Acquisition Process

Lion Equity understands the time-sensitive nature of a sale process and will respond promptly to all acquisition opportunities. We carefully select the businesses we evaluate and do not move forward unless we have a high level of confidence that the company fits with our objectives and core competencies. We understand that in addition to price, a seller also values speed and certainty of execution.

Initial Review and Response

After reviewing summary information or speaking with management, we quickly assess whether a company represents an appropriate acquisition opportunity and will respond promptly. Assuming the opportunity meets our Investment Criteria, our objective is to quickly provide the seller with a preliminary expression of interest.

Due Diligence

Our investment team will quickly and efficiently conduct due diligence, including, but not limited to:

  • Conducting market and industry research
  • Reviewing products and services
  • Analyzing customer and vendor relationships
  • Analyzing historical and projected financial information
  • Performing other customary due diligence items

Transaction Structure

Lion Equity has experience with a variety of transaction structures including asset and stock sales, corporate carve-outs, “going private” transactions, Article 9 sales, and other sophisticated financial and tax-related structures. As a private investment firm, we have the flexibility to design the optimal structure to achieve the seller’s objectives.

Decision Making Process

Lion Equity does not have formal investment committees that will slow down the acquisition process. The investment team makes all transaction decisions, which allows us to move efficiently and quickly throughout the process.

Commitment to Closing

We understand that unforeseen issues or complexities may arise during the acquisition process. The Partners of Lion Equity have substantial experience navigating through these issues and will remain committed to closing the transaction.

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